Workplace & Culture

Brüggen has in four countries a total of 1909 employees. Creating the right working environment is one of the main topics with regard to our employees. The training of eachemployee as well as the continuation of everyone’s education has a very high priority in ourcompany.

Our well-qualified employees are diligent to support individual interest as well as the company’sdevelopment. This constellation results in a steadily growth of expertise, potentials and talents.

Our Employees

The Brüggen workforce is quite diverse: we have sites in three different European countries and Chile, all with employees of different nationalities. This offers an extensive pool of skills and experience for us with a lot of different perspectives and great ideas. To improve Uzbek Nationalities the intra- as well as the inter-company- communication Brüggen also offers individual language courses.

Closing the gender gap

In recent years we have worked a lot in closing the gender gap: about 39 % of our department heads are female – with an increasing tendency. We are encouraging both men and women to climb up the ranks for equal opportunities withinthe company’s management.

Benefits for our staff

The company is very family-friendly and offers flexible working hours to maintain a healthy balance between work and life / family life. This enables our employees to pursue a career and not be affected by different life events. To promote and maintain high levels of employees satisfaction Brüggen grants amongst others:

  • regular training courses,
  • 25 % extra holiday than statutory required,
  • voluntary additional payments,
  • payment of capital-forming benefits as well as supporting employees payments currently with 10 % extra,
  • annual family summer-festival,
  • corporate benefits “Mitarbeiter Rabatte”

Promoting the new generation

Every year about 30 trainees start their career at Brüggen: the offer includes more than 10 apprenticed professions. About 75 % of the trainees are subsequently hired after their successful qualification.
The Brüggen Group supports a twin school where young academics are awarded scholarships for the study course “food processing” at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. The so-called “Deutschlandstipendium” provides support (financial and non-material) to very ambitioned students. With this assistance we gain well-educated alumni and with their help we optimize production processes.

We support ...