Company's Organisation

H. & J. BRÜGGEN KG is a 100% family-owned business, now in its fourth generation, and is run by Hanno Brüggen, Jochen Brüggen and Johannes Brüggen, its personally liable partners.

Based in Lübeck since 1886, Brüggen`s headquarters at Gertrudenstrasse 15 is the home to Administration and Purchasing Department. The new building at Hafenstrasse houses Sales, Quality Assurance and Research & Development Department.

H. & J. Bruggen KG`s five production plants can be found worldwide:

  • Muesli products and rolled oats are manufactured at our main plant located at Lübeck`s Hafenstrasse.
  • Plant II, also located in Lübeck (at Glashüttenweg) comprises the production of cereal products as well as the Logistics Centre.
  • Cereal and muesli products for the central and east European market are manufactured at Plant III in Wilga (Poland)
  • A fourth production plant in Thiers, central France, manufactures cereal products for south and west European market.