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General information for suppliers

Every delivered material is checked at good entrance of our Brüggen laboratory or at external accredited laboratories. In case of any legal non-conformity or deviation from the Brüggen specification a complaint will be sent to the supplier. A deadline will be set in which the supplier has to send a root cause analysis and a corrective action plan. The complaint will be considered in the supplier evaluation. An audit will take place in case of repeated or critical complaints or if necessary.


If the legal non-conformity or deviation from the Brüggen specification is critical the material cannot be used for our production. In contact with Brüggen Quality Assurance and Purchasing the further steps are agreed (e. g. collection or destruction of the material). Costs incurred due to non-conform material are coordinated between Brüggen Purchasing and supplier. An audit will take place in case of repeated returns.


Analysenzertifikate (CoA)
We specify various parameters in our raw material specifications. All listed parameters must be in line with the specified values. The crossing out of listed parameters is not permitted.

Due to our risk assessment, certificates of Analysis (CoA) must be provided for selected parameters with each delivery. These parameters are marked with a cross in the CoA column in the specification.

The analysis or the date on the certificate of analysis (CoA) may not exceed 12 months. The analysis or the date on the certificate of analysis (CoA) may not exceed 6 months for parameters which are indicators for spoilage like e.g. free fatty acids (FFA) and peroxide value (POZ). The laboratory (internal laboratory or external accredited laboratory) must be mentioned on the certificate of analysis (CoA). If your internal laboratory analysed the parameter please mention the method, if an external accredited laboratory analysed the parameter the original report of analysis must be send. The Brüggen raw material number and the Brüggen order number shall be mentioned on the certificate of analysis. Certificates of analysis will be sent at least with each delivery to the email address of the plant to be delivered:

Deliveries to Lübeck/ Germany:

Deliveries to Wilga/ Poland:

Deliveries to Thiers/ France:

For raw materials delivered from the origin in containers the certificate of analysis (CoA) must be sent before shipment starts to make sure that the parameters are in line with the approved specification.

Any non-compliance of the analysis parameters from the CoA with the specification will cause a complaint.

Please note that it is not intended to send more parameters in a CoA than required. Should you decide to send us more parameters, we will not check them for compliance with the specified values. All parameters listed in the CoA have to be in accordance with the values agreed in the specification. A lack of complaints about values does explicit not imply acceptance or approval

If we have forgotten an important parameter, please let us know. Then we can assess it according to our risk assessment. If necessary, we will include it in the specification for the raw material.


For all materials a full traceability according to 178/2002/EEC can be guaranteed. After request the documents of traceability have to be provided within 24h.


Depending on the raw material risk (e.g. mycotoxins, microbiology, GMO) a monitoring is carried out monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. After good entrance at Brüggen a representave sample is taken and sent to an external accredited laboratory. The material is blocked in our warehouse until we receive conform analysis results. Non-conformities will cause a complaint. To save freight costs and resources Brüggen carries out with selected suppliers a monitoring in origin