Are you ready to join a dynamic, innovation-driven company with over 150 years of history? At H. & J. Brüggen KG, we offer exciting opportunities for individuals passionate about the food industry. Click on "Apply Here" and start shaping the future of grain-based foods with us today!


Find out what we are offering for make our company a great place to work 



For pupils and students 

At Brüggen, we believe in supporting the growth and development of young talents. We offer opportunities for pupils and students to gain valuable insights and gain hands-on experience. When you're looking for an internship, we provide a welcoming and supportive environment where you can learn and grow alongside our experienced professionals. Join us and take the first step towards your professional life.

For professionals

Explore exciting career opportunities in the flavorful world of Brüggen! We are currently seeking passionate individuals to join our dynamic team and make a difference in the food industry. Whether you're skilled in hands-on roles within production, logistics, or technical departments, or you thrive in administrative positions that support our operations, we have a wide range of opportunities available to suit your talents and aspirations. 
At Brüggen, we believe in fostering a supportive work environment where talents can flourish and ideas can thrive. Join us in creating delicious and nutritious grain products that bring joy to people's breakfast tables around the world. 

For future trainees

Kickstart your career with Brüggen's comprehensive trainee program! We believe in nurturing talent and providing diverse opportunities for growth. Whether your passion lies in business, technical fields, or creative endeavors, our trainee program offers a wide range of subjects to suit your interests.

As an apprentice at Brüggen, you'll embark on a dynamic learning journey, gaining practical experience and expanding your skill set under the guidance of industry experts. Our program is designed to empower you to make a real impact and contribute to exciting projects that shape our future.

Join our team and unlock your full potential through hands-on training, mentorship, and a supportive environment. With Brüggen, you'll have the opportunity to turn your passion into a successful career. 

Attention university students!

Brüggen offers a fantastic opportunity for you to contribute your academic expertise while gaining real-world experience in the food industry. We welcome students to write their theses at our company, providing a platform for exciting research opportunities and collaboration.

At Brüggen, we value fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. By joining our team, you'll have the chance to work on meaningful projects, delve into industry-specific research, and make a tangible impact. Our experienced professionals will support you throughout the process.

Explore our research and project opportunities, and be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization. Join us in shaping the future of the food industry through your valuable contributions.